Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Day 15

OK, time to join the gang. I've been quietly hiding myself for the past 15 days, struggling it has to be said, but gaining enormous support from all of those wonderful bloggers out there who unknowingly have been dragging me minute by minute through the past 15 days...

Jack and Jill, Neeta, Carrie of Radical Living Laboratory, Courtney, Melissa and Terilynn of Inspiration: Life and of course, the wonderful Suki @ Quito who inspires me to conintuaully take the next step toward a connection with the Divine.

A little about my self... I'm a 27 year old who spent 3 years travelling the globe .. one year in South America and after a year working for Radio 3 I decided to head forth once again on a 6 venture to India. 2 years later, a sourjourn with the Bedouin of the Jordanian desert, a spell in the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut and the West Bank, cave dwelling in the mountains of Tibet ... I came home.

The past year I have been in London trying to gain some sort of health back in my life. My energy is failing me now, more will come.. but I'm now on Day 15 of a juice feast as inspired by the wonderful David and Katrina and feeling terrible, but absolutely loving it.

If you want a feel for the way I can write when I'm not undergoing serious detox reactions then please check out:

Start with "When the Sky Fell to Earth". .. it's about my time in Tibet and I kinda like it.. . .


Neeta said...

Hey, Wow :-)

Thank you soooooo much for your comment, I'm thrilled to have you join us on this journey!
I've added you to my list of juice feasting blogs and will mention you on my next post tomorrow.

Absolutely loved your post - when the sky fell to earth, transported me right away to a world so familiar yet with a fresh and beautiful outlook uniquely yours....

Where, close to me do you live, and would so love to know about your experiences in India and Auroville - if you'd like, send me an e-mail, its on my profile and lets get talking?

Much Love,
xxx Neeta

Carrie Cegelis said...

Welcome to this jolly travelling circus!
Glad you have come out of the reeds....looking forward to seeing more of your face here.
I will try to take some inspiration from your long sleeps!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy (fellow freak):

Thanks for leaving your nice remarks on our blog. It is great to know you're with us on this journey. We'll be checking in with you daily and are excited to have another perspective on this whole deal. Congrats on day 15!

xo J&J

wheresb said...

Hello! Raw B here. Welcome! I also loom in the background (I let Carrie, my partner in crime, do the talking mostly). On day 23 and yes things do get better, but you might need to hang in another week. Yes, sleep lots if you can. Week 4 is feeling really good.

Go team juice feast! (Feels a bit like a team sport now...)

x B